Invitation to Participate in the Synod on Synodality at Fatima

Pope Francis initiated a synodal journey of the whole People of God, beginning in each local parish and culminating in an assembly of the bishops in Rome. The theme of this synod is about what it is to be Church, the specific way of living and operating as a Church together.

What is a synod? A synod is simply a gathering or assembly of bishops. But the process for this synod begins as gatherings of ordinary people at the parish level. We are going to create an opportunity for listening to one another (listening session) and to what the Holy Spirit may be saying to us about our Church at this time (discerning session). The fruits of our gathering will then be sent to the Archdiocese, which will make a summary report from all the participating parishes. Eventually reports from across the world end up in Rome in preparation for the synod of bishops in October 2023. We are hopeful that this process of listening and discerning also contributes to the sense of communion within our own parish.

How do I participate? We will be holding sessions to which you are invited to participate. If numbers permit, we will be holding sessions for two separate groups. For one group there will be a listening session on Tuesday, March 29 and a discerning session on Tuesday, April 5. For a separate group there will be a listening session on Thursday, March 31 and a discerning session on Thursday, April 7. All sessions will begin at 7:00pm and last 90 minutes. If feasible they will be held in the Parish Hall, otherwise they will be held on Zoom. If you are interested in participating, please contact the Parish Office by phone (613-722-7661x2) or e-mail Anyone is welcome to participate. 

To find out more about the synod, visit the website for the Archdiocese of Ottawa-Cornwall at