Adults Wanting To Become Catholic


For Adults who would like to be received into the Catholic Church at Our Lady of Fatima, please contact Fr. Bosco Wong, the Pastor, at 613-722-7661 x 3.


Adult Initiation into the Christian Way of Life

This applies to those who are not yet baptized, or those who have been baptized in another Christian Community, and are now seeking to be received into the Catholic Church.

This is a process of discerning about building a relationship with Jesus Christ, who is the foundation of how we live, and witness to God’s gratuitous love. Through worship, prayer, faith community-building and service, we grow in deepening our faith through ongoing conversion to a way of life that is at once Gospel-centred. Our faith would be supported and nurtured by the witness of one another, so that we can be gradually formed to be disciples of Jesus Christ for life.