Our Lady of Fatima is home to over 35 ministries. Each ministry is committed to making a difference for Christ and improving the lives of others.

If you need the services of one of our ministries or organizations, or if you would like to volunteer, you can reach the contact person by calling the Parish Office at 613-722-7661. Names and phone numbers of the contacts are also listed on the front page of our Parish Bulletin. You can also e-mail us or visit us in person. 


The Blessed Sacrament is exposed from 8:00am-8:40am on the First Friday of each month. You are most welcome to visit with us each morning, Monday-Saturday, from 7:45am-8:45am before morning Mass while the Blessed Sacrament is in the tabernacle.

Altar Guild

Members of this ministry launder and iron the small linens used at every Mass. The time commitment is just 2 weeks per year. 

Altar Servers - Junior

Boys and girls in the parish, fourth grade and older, are invited to participate in the liturgical services as Altar Servers. This provides a wonderful opportunity to participate in the Liturgy, to serve the Lord, and to develop leadership skills.


Altar Servers - Senior

Adults interested in becoming altar servers are asked to contact the Parish Office. We serve at funerals and other special occasions by request. Training is provided, open to men and women.

Auxiliary Ministers of Holy Eucharist

Eucharistic Ministers assist the priest at Mass by distributing the Holy Eucharist to the congregation. Ministers are scheduled based on their individual preferences in terms of mass times and their availability during holiday periods. Training will be provided to anyone who joins this rewarding ministry. It is a wonderful opportunity to participate in the liturgical celebration, serve the parish and join a team of committed parishioners.

Baptism - Infant/Child

Baptisms take place on the 1st Sunday of each month, except during Lent, in a communal ceremony during Mass.. Parents and godparents attend a one-hour preparation/information session beforehand. Team members obtain from parents all necessary information for use on the Baptismal Certificate, prepare parents and godparents for the ceremony by walking them through the sequence of the Rite of Baptism as it unfolds during the ceremony, and assist the Presider at the celebration of Baptism.

Catholic Women's League, Council 2306

The Catholic Women’s League of Canada is a national organization (97,000 members) rooted in gospel values callings its members to holiness through service to the people of God. Our patroness is Our Lady of Good Counsel. Faith, Fun and Fulfillment play a big part in our monthly general meetings from September to June. All Christian women aged 16 and up are eligible to join. Further information can be obtained by contacting the Parish Office. 

Children's Sunday Liturgy

Children ages 4-12 are invited to join us on Sundays during the 11:30am Mass. With the help of our volunteer teachers the children learn more about God's love and our Catholic faith through crafts, stories, songs, games and prayers. No need to register, just come forward when the priest calls the children during Mass. Younger children are welcome if accompanied by a parent or guardian. New volunteers always welcome. Please contact the Parish Office at 613-722-7661.

Choirs - Adult

We are blessed to have many choirs at Our Lady of Fatima. Each one offers a different expression of worship and contributes to the liturgical life of the parish. The commitment is one weekly rehearsal plus Sunday Mass. New members are always welcome. Contact the Parish Office at 613-722-7661 for more information.

  • Saturday at the 4:30pm Mass. Traditional. Practice is held Wednesday 5:15pm. Choir Director: Peter Domitrovits.

  • Sunday at the 8:30am Mass. Traditional/Contemporary. Practice is held Tuesday 6:30pm. Choir Director: Jonathan Bondoc.

  • Sunday at the 10:00am Mass. Traditional. Practice is held Thursday  6:30pm. Choir Director: Jonathan Bondoc.

  • Sunday at the 11:30am Mass. Contemporary. Practice is held Thursday 7:30pm. Choir Director: Jonathan Bondoc.

  • The Funeral Choir is an important part of our parish funeral liturgy. Their beautiful music provides comfort to bereaved families and friends. Choir Director: Peter Domitrovits.



Cursillo is a world-wide lay movement of the Church which started in Spain in 1944. The Cursillo Weekends are held at Notre Dame de la Providence Retreat House in Orleans. Cursillo gives those who attend a weekend an understanding of basic Christian truths and the desire to journey with Christ. During the three days a priest and a team of 13 lay men or women (weekends are not co-ed) give a series of talks on Christian living.

Development and Peace

We all have a role to play in ensuring that everyone can develop to his or her potential and live in peace. Visit the national website at

Finance Council

The parish Finance Council, in conjunction with the parish priest, attends to the temporal affairs of the parish: revenue, expenses, repairs, construction, contracts, sales, purchases, employee relations, salaries etc. Please feel free to contact the Council if you have any comments or suggestions.


Food Pantry

If you are in need of assistance with food please visit the Britannia Woods Food Pantry at 115 Ritchie Street, Unit 9 (bottom floor). The Food Pantry serves those living within our parish boundaries and is open Tuesday night 6:30pm-9:00pm, and Friday morning 9:30am-11:30am. Phone 613-829-3696. Our team of volunteers from St. Vincent de Paul help to service the clients of the Food Pantry.


Funeral Team

Our Funeral Team meets with the family to provide comfort and support. We assist with the selection of hymns and readings for the Funeral Mass and offer a compassionate presence to the grieving family.

Knights of Columbus

Our Lady of Fatima Council #9742 was formed in 1988. Our members put in many hours running events and other activities to raise funds for our many charities, to enhance the social life of our parish community, and to assist our pastor with many temporal and spiritual activities in the parish. We are always looking for new members and welcome inquiries from interested men. Membership is open to practical Catholic men in union with the Holy See, who are at least 18 years old. A practical Catholic is one who lives up to the commandments of God and the precepts of the Church. Any member of the council will be happy to discuss the Knights and our Council with you.  For a look at our Council website or contact Knights of Columbus  Bernie Bourgeois 613-829-0135.

Ladies of Fatima

All women of the parish are considered to be part of the Ladies of Fatima. Ongoing events include Coffee Sunday (3rd Sunday of the month after all Sunday morning masses), Lenten Pauper Supper, Easter Vigil Parish Reception, dinner for CNIB, Strawberry Social, annual Bazaar...and more! This fun, dedicated group of women also provide financial support to various worthwhile causes. New members most welcome.



Lectors and commentators provide a vital service during liturgical celebrations. Lectors proclaim the Word of God. Commentators greet the congregation and read introductory announcements and general intercessions. Training is provided for those who have a strong, clear speaking voice.

Legion of Mary

Our Lady of Fatima Legion of Mary was established in 1972. Under the direction of our Pastor we visit Carlingview Manor and New Orchard Lodge weekly, assisting the Catholic residents to and from Holy Mass. Those residents unable to attend the Mass are ministered the Holy Eucharist in their rooms. A growing number of shut-ins are visited in their homes weekly by our home visitation team and Catholic literature and rosaries are provided. Weekly meetings are Wednesday after 9:00am Mass.  For more information about the Legion of Mary, see their home page.


Operated by volunteers, the library provides an important resource to allow parishioners to grow in their faith and knowledge of God, and to assist families within the parish with the religious education of their children. We have a great selection of books and DVDs in many categories to support this mandate, and to assist other parish ministries. The library also carries materials for children and youth and music CDs. Volunteers are welcome, and donations to the library are gratefully accepted. The library is open following all Sunday morning masses (8:30am, 10:00am, 11:30am) and is located near the Parish Office.

Click here to view the Library


The Liturgy Committee assists the Pastor in preparing various parish ministries to participate in the major feast days and liturgical periods. We meet quarterly with the Committee heads of various ministries to address all issues pertaining to worship.

Marriage Preparation

Couples who plan to be married at Our Lady of Fatima Church are encouraged to contact the Parish Office as soon as possible in order to set up a meeting with the Pastor. Couples are required to complete a Marriage Preparation course. Courses are offered here 2-3 times per year.

Ministers of Hospitality

We are the Hosts/Hostesses who welcome people as they enter the Church, help them find a seat and take up the collection.

Ottawa West Community Support

OWCS is a non-profit outreach ministry of Christian churches in the west end of Ottawa, motivated by love for God, in service to all seniors and disabled adults in our community regardless of race, color or creed. Contact OWCS, 1137 Wellington Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1Y 2Y8, phone 613-728-6016. Website:      

Parish Pastoral Council

Our Lady of Fatima Church, dedicated to the Mother of God, seeks to fulfill the call of Jesus to "Come, follow me," to be true worshippers of the Father, and to love one another as Christ has loved us. As a consultative body, the Council advises and assists the pastor in the building up or a caring Christian community and facilitates the accomplishment of the parish mission. Please feel free to contact the Council if you have any comments or suggestions.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care Ministers bring the Eucharist to people in their homes, as well as to residents of local nursing and retirement homes.. We share news about parish activities and lend a sympathetic ear to parishioners who are isolated. Time spent visiting can be from 15 minutes to an hour. Please call the Parish Office at 613-722-7661 if you know of a shut-in who would like to receive communion, or if you feel called to serve in this important ministry.


Our mission is to promote a respect for human life from the moment of conception to a natural death. We educate the general public about alternatives to abortion and euthanasia by raising awareness about life issues such as embryonic stem cell research. We provide information to parishioners about opportunities to learn about and to pray for pro-life issues. Occasional fundraising projects for pro-life organizations, e.g. Campaign Life and Action Life and distressed pregnancy help centres (Miriam Centre, Birthright), take place throughout the year. A time commitment of a few hours in April, May and December are utilized on these projects. New volunteers are most welcome. Please call the Parish Office if you have any questions or would

like to volunteer. For more pro-life information see website details in the "Links" section of

our Home Page.

R.C.I.A. (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults)

For Adults who would like to be received into the Catholic Church at Our Lady of Fatima, please contact Fr. Bosco Wong, the Pastor, at 613-722-7661 x 3. Adult Initiation into the Christian Way of Life for those who are not yet baptized, or those who have been baptized in another Christian Community, and are now seeking to be received into the Catholic Church. This is a process of discerning about building a relationship with Jesus Christ, who is the foundation of how we live, and witness to God’s gratuitous love. Through worship, prayer, faith community-building and service, we grow in deepening our faith through ongoing conversion to a way of life that is at once Gospel-centred. Our faith would be supported and nurtured by the witness of one another, so that we can be gradually formed to be disciples of Jesus Christ for life.

Sacramental Preparation Team

Children attending a public school will be prepared for the Sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation by our parish Sacramental Preparation team. Sessions usually run one evening a week from approximately January to April. A parent or guardian is required to attend as well. Children are prepared for Reconciliation and Eucharist in grade 2, and for Confirmation in grade 6. Children who are unbaptized or who were baptized in another Christian community (ie not in a Catholic Church) will be matched with a mentor family as part of their preparation.


The three Catholic schools in our parish are:

Senior's Group (Prime Timers)

This active group meets Wednesday afternoons for card/table games, celebrations and socializing. The overall purpose is to have fun and to create community. Everyone who comes is a leader in that he/she contributes in some way to achieve this purpose. All seniors are welcome!

Separated/Divorced Ministry

Our church meets those who are suffering through broken relationships with kindness and compassion. For information on available programs and resources contact the Parish Office.

Small Christian Communities

People are coming together in small communities to pray, to reflect upon scripture, to share their faith, to support and challenge one another, and to learn together. Would you like to connect with others in our faith community on a regular basis? Contact the Parish Office.

St. Vincent de Paul Conference

The St. Vincent de Paul Conference offers help to the less fortunate in the parish area. Volunteers help purchase and distribute food at the Britannia Woods Food Pantry. For more information about the Canadian chapter, see their   For more information about the Canadian chapter, see their website.

Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry includes children's liturgy, altar servers, choirs, other liturgical roles, youth groups, retreats, service projects, social events, school outreach etc. The intent is to encourage the participation of our young people in the celebration of their faith.


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