prepared by Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO)) is coming to Our Lady of Fatima Parish! Discovery leads you through a simple but personally challenging look at the Gospel message. It will allow you to strengthen your relationship with Jesus and grow in fellowship with other
parishioners through weekly small group discussions using the CCO booklet. It’s a 6-week series, with sessions that are typically 1 hour in length, and they will be led by CCO Missionaries from our Parish. Discovery will be held every Thursday at 5pm from November 10 to December 15, 2022. Info and registration: mariana.nb@cco.ca with ‘Discovery’ in the subject line or sign up at the back of the Church after Mass.

New Design for Parking Lot

The parish has reached an agreement with the City of Ottawa on a new design for our parking lot. The work will be performed as part of future light rail construction on and under the Byron Linear Park. Click here for details.

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