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March and April Events

March and April Coffee Sunday

Mar 1 Sunday - Coffee Sunday (after 8:30 am and 10 am Masses)

Mar 6 Friday - Word Day of Prayer 

Mar 8 Sunday - Parish Breakfast

Mar 14 Saturday - St Patrick's Dinner - CANCELLED

Mar 15 Sunday - Coffee Sunday - CANCELLED

Mar 22 Sunday - Coffee Sunday - CANCELLED

Mar 22 Sunday - Lenten Lunch - CANCELLED

Mar 29 Sunday - Coffee Sunday - CANCELLED

Apr 1 Wednesday - Penitential Service - CANCELLED

Sponsored by the

Knights of Columbus, CWL, Ladies of Fatima

  • Word Day of Prayer hosted by CWL, Mass at 9 am followed by light refreshments in Parish Hall

  • St Patrick's Dinner hosted by CWL, supper served 6 pm with homemade stew, Irish dancers, Irish music and fiddling. Donation at the door. - CANCELLED

  • Lenten Lunch, 12:30pm in Parish Hall, light lunch followed by a talk by Archbishop Brendan O'Brien "The Spirit of Lent" - CANCELLED

  • Penitential Service led by Archbishop Brendan O'Brien, 7 pm. Individual confessions to follow - CANCELLED








Please register in advance - contact the Parish Office at 613-722-7661 or


Next meeting May 7th, 2020 at 7 pm

New Design for Parking Lot

The parish has reached an agreement with the City of Ottawa on a new design for our parking lot. The work will be performed as part of future light rail construction on and under the Byron Linear Park. Click here for details.

LRT Update Oct 2019

The Parish's Sub-Committee met with Councillor Theresa Kavanagh and LRT Office representatives on August 15, 2019. East-West Connectors is the primary contractor for Stage 2 LRT. The work performance requirements for the redesign of the Parish's parking lot are included in the contract signed in February, 2019 between East-West Connectors and the City of Ottawa. A copy of the requirements was provided by LRT Office. Delays in Stage 1 have pushed back the schedule for on-site work, which is not likely to commence earlier than 2021. The Parish's storm water management infrastructure requires updating. If practical, this work will be undertaken at the same time as City-funded site improvements. More information on Stage 2 LRT can be obtained at


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